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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sabrina giving daddy bad nerves

I have a feeling that Sabrina knows exactly how to drive daddy crazy. She has just started walking and is not 100% sure on her legs yet.

But she's already a good climber. She loves stairs and ladders. Many first times when she crawled up into her "jumper" I said "NO NO NO" and "AUV AUV AUV".. she just looked at daddy and continued up.

Now when she gets close to the "jumper" she smiles at daddy as if she's thinking. I know you hate when I do this but I'll do it anyway.. hehe



Going to the Pool

Heidi took the kids to the local pool. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed the cooling water a lot.


I did my best to crop out people who are not in out family. Not everybody wants a picture of themselves, being at the pool, appear on the Internet ;)

Sabrina tired of playing

Sabrina was sitting and playing in her play corner and all of a sudden she was very quiet. We found that she had fallen asleep in the middle of her toys. Of course we couldn't resist taking some pictures of her.




Saturday, July 19, 2008

Denmark trip

Again it has been a while since I've created a post on my Blog. This time i want to tell about our trip to Denmark.

Heidi and the kids went to Denmark on June 4th. and stayed there for 2 weeks until i joined them on June 18th. They had a great weather when I wasn't there. Once I arrived the weather was good but not great. Typical Danish summer.

The reason we went to Denmark was to get Sabrina christened. That was done the first weekend after i arrived in Denmark.


We all really enjoyed staying with both my mother and Leo.


And Heidi's parents


Both Sebastian and Sabrina enjoyed to play with all the children in our families.

We had promised Sebastian for some while that we would go to Lego Land when we come to Denmark. He loves playing Lego Star wars and Lego Indiana Jones, so he HAD to see "Lego Land".

There were a lot of people at the gates when Lego Land opened in the morning, but nothing compared to for instance Six Flags. So we got in fairly quickly.


Once inside Lego Land we had to see all the things that were build with Lego bricks. There were Dutch cities, Airports, castles, harbors, drilling platforms and MANY other things.



There were also some rides which Sebastian really enjoyed.


Sebastian and Daddy even got to find some gold together. The gold was melted into a gold coin which Sebastian was very proud of.


We were also finally able to see my mom's and Leos big new boat and take a trip in it.


Sebastian really enjoyed the sailing trip.


We had a lot of fun the two weeks (four weeks for Heidi and the kids) we were in Denmark. There was a lot of people to see and talk to and a lot of places to go and see. We were all very exhausted at the end.


We were sad to leave Denmark and promised to return to visit as soon as possible.