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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Cubscout trip to USS Yorktown

We recently went on a cubscout trip to a aircraft carrier in Charleston,SC.


It was an amazing trip for both Sebastian an me.

We spent the night on board the ship and slept where the sailors were sleeping when the ship was in active duty.


There was NOT a lot of room

Surprised smile

On top of the ship they had parked several types of aircrafts which we could walk up and actually touch.



We  could also go on several self guided tours around the inside of the ship. The tours were very interesting and we saw a lot from kitchens over briefing rooms to engine rooms. We also saw the bridge and Sebastian could sit in the captains chair and see the view from the chair.


Some of the exibits were hands on so we could also sit in the cockpit of an actual fighter plane.


As any boy Sebastian loved playing with the guns onboard the plane Smile



I personally found the vietnam area very fascinating where they had built a camp like the supposedly were set up in Vietnam.



All in all a very nice trip for Dad and Son Smile


At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool pictures, looks like you had a great trip, even if you were in "tight" quarters :) Thinking of you all, from Dallas TX this weekend, with love, Wendy


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