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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday Party

We were planning Sebastian's birthday party and decided to do more than just a regular party. We decided to get entertainment for the kids so we hired a clown who did clowning, juggling, magic, balloon animals and face painting.


We discovered that Sebastian had “Magic Breath” :) The entertainment started out a little slow but once the kids were used to the clown they liked it alot.


Kids and grownups alike enjoyed face painting a lot.


Sebastian, Max and Stone all were Spiderman so they formed a spider man group :)


Group photo of all the kids at the party.


The two entertainers enjoyed a little food after the performance


And all the kids were stuffed with Heidi's home made muffin.. The big one were home made.

The main thing was that Sebastian really enjoyed his birthday party and we are already thinking about what we should to for his birthday party next year… up next is Sabrina's birthday party and we are also planning some form of entertainment.


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