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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trip to Washington D.C.


First Day


We just returned from a wonderful trip to Washington DC.

First day we visited the obvious monuments.

Lincoln MemorialIMG_7656


The World War 2 monument


The Washington Monument



and last but not least the White House, unfortunately the president was not in the garden that day.



The first day was good but exhausting. On the way to the hotel both gave in to sleep.




The Second day…


After a night at a new and very impressive impressive hotel we had a nice breakfast and drove back to downtown to see the famous Smithsonian Institute museums. There are MANY museums but we decided to concentrate on National Museum of Natural Science. That’s where all the dinosaurs and natural exhibits are located.


Unfortunately it’s not possible to show all 300-400 pictures we have taken from inside the museum but here are the most famous ones.

At the main entrance is the dominant elephant.


The dinosaurs were impressive



I saw the next diamond i want to buy. If you want to search for the diamond on my Amazon.com wishlist, the name is “The Hope Diamond” …haha


Walking around a museum for hours makes everybody tired, especially the ones with small legs.




Third day


On the 3rd day we decided to try the famous Washington D.C. Metro.



Which dropped us off RIGHT in the middle of downtown, next to all the museums.

We walked to the National Archive where we saw the “Declaration of Independence”, the “Bill of Rights” and the “Constitution”.


Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures  of any kind inside the Archive.

After the archive we went back into the National History Museum to visit the Butterfly Exhibit and the gift store :)



Last day


Sunday the last day we ate breakfast at the hotel and started the long trip back to Atlanta.

We had a few lunch breaks to make the 10+ hour trip shorter.


And some colorful snacking in the car…..



All in all it was a VERY nice trip and we all agreed that we have to return to Washington soon…. Sabrina actually wanted to return the minute we drove in to our own driveway… “D.C. Now!!”


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