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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sebastian's first day of school

Our little boy is growing up. Today he had his first day of kindergarten. We decided to let him ride the bus the first day.

IMG_0236 Sebastian was ready to board the bus and there was no problem getting him into the bus.

IMG_0252 Many of the neighbors were outside to wave goodbye to their children. Sebastian looked a little sad but he had his good friend Max sitting next to him and that helped a lot.

After the bus had left we all rushed into our cars and drove up the the school so we could be there when Sebastian arrived at school


It was impressive to see how calmly he took the first big steps to the new school.

IMG_0266 We followed along the path and took tons of pictures of him.

Once inside the school there was a little chaos because a lot of children were looking for their class rooms. But Sebastian found his two teachers and they recognized him too.


When I came home from work in the evening Sebastian came towards me with a big smile. He said that he really enjoyed the first day of school and that he had a lot of fun.


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