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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New car

Since the family is growing and we get visitors over we had to buy a car that could fit more than the little Toyota Echo. With two childseats the backseat was completely occupied and only front seats would be useable.

We have been researching for quite a while and ended up selecting the Toyota Sienna minivan. over the other minivans. Honda came in a close second.

This is actual model and color we chose. To make the long trips easier we had a DVD and Playstaion 2 installed in the van as well. We chose the 8 seat minivan.

This way we have plenty of room when we have visitors from Denmark. I was actually surprised that 3 grown ups easily could sit on the 3 middle seats, but Heidi fits in just fine between two big baby seats :D

Now we just have to find an excuse/place/time to go on a long trip.


At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Allan said...

Fed bil, jeg håber at i bliver glade for den.

Brian jeg kan dog ikke helt forstå at du har opgivet din mustang. Det næste bliver vel at du opgiver dine gadgets :)



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