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Friday, March 06, 2009

Las Vegas, part 2 ( Grand Canyon )

One of the places we really wanted to see when we were in Las Vegas was the Grand Canyon.

Arriving in Las Vegas we found out that the trip to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas would be about 6 hours. And 12 hours back and forth in one day was not something we wanted to try with two kids who DONT like to drive long distances.

So we found out that there was a Grand Canyon south which is just like the grand canyon from the post cards, just a little smaller.

The trip to the canyon was very interesting since it went right through the desert on a very bumpy and unpaved road.


 IMG_2236But the nature in the desert was just breath taking. Scattered around the desert were small towns. Have to admit not a place I would like to live.

Once we (and the rental car) survived the bumpy ride through the desert we arrived at an Indian reservation where we had to take a charter bus the rest of the way to the canyon (they know how to get the most money out of you)

Mom and daughter enjoyed the small trip.


When we arrived at the canyon the view was spectacular and it invited to a typical family photo.


One of the neat features of the Indian version of the canyon was a "Skywalk" where you walked on a glass bottom half circle out over the canyon. It was a lot of fun looking down into the canyon from the skywalk.



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