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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trip to Los Angeles (hollywood)

When i created the latest blog entry about our trip to Washington DC, I realized i never blogged about our trip to California summer 2009.

We chose California because we hadn't really gone far west besides our trip to Las Vegas (see other blog entry).

We ofcourse had to go see the Hollowood sign.


It was obvious everywhere that we were in Hollywood.



There were film crews many places filming small clips. Unfortunately we didn't see any movie stars :(

On Hollywood boulevard we also saw many different stars with movie stars and celebrity names.


Still on Hollywood boulevard we also saw the famous Chinese theater.


Of course we also had to go to Santa Monica to see the world famous pier.


The kids loved the many “circus acts” spread over the area of the pier.



Being Danes we of course had to go see “Lego Land”


We did walk down “Rodeo Drive” a few times but we did NOT buy anything ;) How ever we DID buy something when we walked on “Venice Beach”. That was more our price leve.



At 12:26 AM, Blogger Kjeldsen said...

Og så kan jeg snage i hvad du laver.. der mangler bare lige 10-15 år? :-)


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