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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sebastians christmas present

Sebastian had begged and begged and begged for a certain lego starwars "traktor" he has seen over in the mall.

The "traktor" had over 1600 pieces in it. It took a LONG time to put together. We all helped.

Mommy finished it some time after christmas.

It was a really cool lego starwars "traktor". Wheels could turn, you could steer it, you could open it and the figures could be inside. Sections could be taken out and used. We were very proud that we had completed it.

Two days later sebastian told us a very interesting story about some bad guys in rocket ships, comming from upstairs and shooting at the "traktor".

When we see the result (above picture) of the rocket ship attack, then we must admit that the bad guys in rocket ships really did a good job of destroying the star wars traktor :D


I know i'm a little late with the christmas blogging. We have been very busy and also a little sick.

This picture shows how we have put light on the house. I know its not much but this is our first try of putting light on the house. Next year i promise there will be more.

We also went to a christmas tree farm but we didnt like the trees you cut down yourself, so we bought a christmas tree, imported from Carolina.

On this picture you can see Sebastian showing off how he loves to jump from the chair we're trying to replace/get rid of. Also this picture is not showing all the presents that were under the christmas tree.