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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dad and son

I work 8:30 to 5:30 and im home usually around 6 aclock. This gives me little to no time with my little guy at home. So when Heidi told me about a "Kids Workshop" at home depot i was very excited.

Homedepot has a workshop where dads and sons (or moms and daughters :) ) can come and do a little project together. The workshops are open the first saturday in every month.

I really enjoy spending some time with Sebastian where we can work with tools and create something together.

It is really nice that a big company starts a workshop like this for the local community and gives the children a place to go and build something themselves. Ofcourse there is a reason why they do that... They want the kids to come buy the building material later when they grow up.. and where will they go ? To home depot ofcourse :) Still it is a good thing they are doing.

We have been there twice so far. Everytime Sebastian gets a sticker to put on the apron he got the first tims we went to the workshop. And he also receives a diploma saying what he buildt and when.

First time we build a flowerpot holder which looks alot like a chair with a hole in the seat. That is properly why Sebastian calls it a chair :)

The second time, we build a small toolbox.

Heidi bought some tools for sebastian a few days before we went to this toolbox-building workshop. We dont know what the project is before we come to home depot. But maybe Heidi used her feminine sixed sense to find out what we would be building ;)

I can only recommend the workshop strongly to anybody who would like to have an activity to share with his/her child. Once we both get used to building stuff we could create a workplace at home... and yes i did say both of us, because I honestly suck at using my hands.. but hey... practice makes perfect.

Yard work

One of the things that really surprised me is how i enjoy doing the weekly choirs. Like mowing/trimming the lawn. Sebastian usually helps me mow the lawn which looks so cute.

We still havnt completely decided what to do with our back yard. We're thinking about bushes on the side, move the plants up to the house and keep the border to forrest simple and not have any plants. But who knows.. that might change too.

Tomato Thief

We have planted some strawberry and tomato plants in our small backyard.

Sebastian enjoys picking the fruits and eating them.

The picture shows Sebastian enjoying one of our pretty tomatoes. They have been used for salads and burgers.

However Heidi discovered that we have a thief in the neighborhood. Somebody besides us enjoys the taste of nice tomatoes. That thief is cute and has a bushy tail.

In this picture the squirrel uses a good version of "maybe if i sit still they wont see me and go away" trick.

Here is the evidense that the squirrel actually managed to get the big tomato all the way up into the trees and is enjoying its prize.

At this point we only have one tiny little tomato left on our nice tomato plant. But we're just waiting for the squirrel to eat that one too.

For some reason the squirrle does not like our strawberries.. who knows, maybe it has a strawberry alergy.