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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Lunch

Some of our friends invited us to a easter lunch at a church. We thought it would be a great idea to get a good easter bunny picture with Sebastian. At first when we entered the church dining room and Sebastian saw the bunny sitting at one end of the dining room, he wasn't too keen on getting anywhere close to the bunny.

At first we sat down and talked with our friends, so Sebastian could get used to the sight of the HUGE bunny at the other end of the room. We noticed that, when kids sat on the bunny's lap, they received an easter egg with some candy inside. We kinda blackmailed Sebastian to sit on the bunnys lap in exchange for the egg's with candy..

Trip to "Georgia Aquarium"

We have finally seen the worlds largest aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium advertises that it is the biggest aquarium in the world. It opend up last year and has been completely sold out since then. You actually have to call and reserve a certain time for you to enter the aquarium.

The aquarium is split into several areas. We went to the most famous one. The one with the biggest fish in the world.

The guys in the foreground are doing repairs. The big sharks in the tank actually scratch the screens as they glide against it.

Another thing.. im sure the two guys are happy that the huge shark in the background only eats plankton :P

The trip to the lookout post where a guy told about the aquarium went through a glas tunnel where you could see all the fish swim above you. VERY impressive.

Sebastian has always enjoyed watching fish. This display caught his attention because of the many colorfull fish.