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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


It was Sebastians birthday July 6th but we had to postpone his birthday party until recently.

It ended up with 3 birthday parties instead of one.

First for our neighbors and Max, their son. Sebastian really loves to play with Max. It is also very nice to see that Sebastian loves to go over to our neighbors house and play in Max's room.

Second birthday was with some of our danish friends and their kids. (sorry for the very dark picture)

Last birthday was with some of our american friends and their kids.

So even though he had a birthday late.. we made it up with quantity :)

We have agreed that, next year we will throw him ONE BIG birthday party instead of many small ones.

The new bowl

My lovely wife Heidi is also our interior designer. The other day she and her sister went shopping and they found a bowl. Heidi said she really loved the bowl and i told her to buy it. I wasn't really sure how it looked by her description but i trusted her.

I have to admit that the bowl is very different and i really like the way it fits into the formal dining room. Its made out of cast iron.

trying out pocketblogger

I just wanted to see how pocketblogger worked as a pocketpc blogger. it sems very simple but could work if I'm away from my computer.

worst thing so far is the lacking landscape support. and ofcourse the lack of all those fancy pictures I usually put into my blog.

I will return later with a better review of pocketblogger.