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A dane in Atlanta

Saturday, August 25, 2007


We were scheduled for a C-section on monday the 27th but the little princess couldnt wait that long. Last Thursday the 23rd the water broke late in the evening and by 1:25AM on friday the 24th, sebastian had a baby sister and we have a wonderfull baby girl with strawberry red hair.

We had several suggestions to names and couldnt come up with one until the last minute. But then we agreed on the name Sabrina.

Sabrina was 6 lbs 6 ounces and little over 18 inches. Very tiny compared to big brother, who was almost 9lbs and 21 inches when he arrived. So already now, big brother is going to take care of little sister.

Sabrina clearly enjoyed mommys touch and relaxed when she was close to mommy.

Daddy wanted to hold Sabrina and she didnt mind at all :D

Sebastian is a great helpe and he really enjoys holding baby sister Sabrina.

One big happy faimly.

Thanks to everybody for all their best wishes.