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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tomato Thief

We have planted some strawberry and tomato plants in our small backyard.

Sebastian enjoys picking the fruits and eating them.

The picture shows Sebastian enjoying one of our pretty tomatoes. They have been used for salads and burgers.

However Heidi discovered that we have a thief in the neighborhood. Somebody besides us enjoys the taste of nice tomatoes. That thief is cute and has a bushy tail.

In this picture the squirrel uses a good version of "maybe if i sit still they wont see me and go away" trick.

Here is the evidense that the squirrel actually managed to get the big tomato all the way up into the trees and is enjoying its prize.

At this point we only have one tiny little tomato left on our nice tomato plant. But we're just waiting for the squirrel to eat that one too.

For some reason the squirrle does not like our strawberries.. who knows, maybe it has a strawberry alergy.


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