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Thursday, March 30, 2006

New stuff and gadgets

So what is new this time. It has to be alot because i have not written anything interresting for a while.

Heidi and Sebastian went to Denmark some months ago and i was all alone. It gave me the opportuity to work alot. I got alot done but i surely didnt like beeing alone.

Since they came home we've bought plenty of stuff for the house.

We finally found the chairs to go with the table already displayed earlier.

We wanted 6 so we could invite more guests than earlier.

It took us a while but we found chairs we both like. We even got the pictures of the two handsome sons on the wall. Im slowly but surely getting more and more handy.. i still have a LONG way to go though :)

Heidi has been wondering why i never asked for a new phone.. we had nokie 33... something.. the ooooold phones. But hey they work and its just a phone. So i never really needed a new fancy phone with color etc.

However love my pocket PC. I told Heidi that i was waiting until they come out with a pocket PC phone edition with a formfactor i like. First i fell in love with the Treo 700w but i didnt like the screen was just 240x240. So i finally fell in love with the vx6700 (pocketpc phone) but i didnt like verizons price and their limitations in service. Tmobile came to the rescue in the last minute and came out with the MDA

As you can see on the picture above its a pocket PC with slide out keyboard... and what can i say, i like it :) Now i can check email, surf the internet and send pictures from my pocketpc everywhere. I will most prob (once i found out how) start blogging from my pocketpc when i get a spare minute.


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the new phone. They do not offer that in Chattanooga T Mobile locations. I am fed up with Verizon myself but I have another year before being released from my contract. Like the table and chairs looks nice and with six you can have a lot of good company over at once.

Take Care

Matt Price


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