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Sunday, April 01, 2007

NHL Icehockey

I had purchased some tickets for any Atlanta Thrashers game at Philips Arena. It was a package deal with 2 free tickets and 4 buy one get one free tickets.

We went downtown a saturday night, but the game was sold out... so while we were at the ticket counter we bought some tickets for the next game, which was next friday.

We bought a very cool team shirt for Sebastian, which he gladly showed off to anybody interrested.

Our seats were placed very high up, but we could clearly see everything and it also gave the impression that the playing area is smaller than expected.

Sport events in the USA are presented in a very entertaining way. Sebastian enjoyed the game alot and we all agreed that we would return to another game. The fact that Atlanta won the game 4-2 also made the game more enjoyable :)


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