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Saturday, July 22, 2006

New case and wallmount

I admit it.. im a geek.. and we have way too many wires in the office.. but its hard to organize everything. Especially when you keep changing everything.

We have had two LCD monitors for a while and its really nice to have a BIG screen desktop to place stuff on. I usually have email on one screen together with status windows (temp/cpu etc.) and i work on the other screen. But lately i've actually wanted to organize our desk in the home office. One day when i was in Fry's electronics i saw a wallmount so i had to buy two.

The result looks really neat if you ask me.

Btw. the drawings on the desk is copyright Sebastian :)

Besides hanging up the monitors and organizing the desk i also got tired of my old Emachine because it was SO noisy. I didn't really need more power i just got tired of hearing the fans and harddrives etc. beeing very loud.

So first i bought a CPU cooling block/fan which made the cpu fan very quiet. Once that was quiet i noticed that the Powersupply fan was very loud. So ofcourse i had to buy a new powersupply.. a quiet one with a BIG fan (big fans are not as loud as small fans). After i fitted all that into the computer case it was a very full. So the quiet machine turned very hot very quickly. The solution for that was to buy a new case.

I did alot of research and asked in alot of stores because i wanted a good case that was quiet and also would take my motherboard (micro atx). The website really silentpcreview was a big help in choosing which case. They reviewed a case P150 which they really liked but it had a few shortcommings. Those shortcommings were corrected in a new version of it called Solo. Plus the solo was a version of P150 without powersupply which suited me fine since i just bought a new powersupply.

I spent quite some time taking the hardware out of the old computer and into the new case. But this was my first time actually putting a computer together from scratch.

The end result looks really slick and its silent AND cooler.

The case looks very plain. No seethrough window or lights or anything. I guess im getting more and more conservative as i grow older :)

Im still considering if i should put two 90 mm fans in the front (The case has place to put them in front of the harddrives) to cool the harddrives further. Once you start "modding" you cant stop.

Next mod-project might be getting the TV in the living room up on the wall.


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